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July 14, 2023 Fire in the water immersion service July 23 and 30 6:00pm  if you need healing, salvation, deliverance or just experience the presence of the Lord, sign up and send us an email.    

February 2022 Join us for the North Georia Revival March 21 and 22. We are so excited!

April 24, 2020 Happy 15th anniversary ACWC! We are thankful for God 's blessings over the last 15 years. God has certainly blessed us. Thankful for the souls that have been saved, bodies that have been healed and those that have been set free. We have had the awesome opportunity to worship with so many over the last 15 years and see God move in every service. 

April 5, 2020 We are now having drive-in church services due to the coronavirus. It is a very different time, but we are trusting God now more than ever.  

March 5. 2018  Greetings in the name of our Lord! We have just come out of a season of praying and fasting and now we are waiting on God to answer. And may I say waiting is the hardest part.  As a child of God we must remember God has PERFECT timing. He will show up and show off in our lives at the exact right time. The word of God says for us to not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not! That means for us to keep praying and trusting God and he do it in his perfect timing. There have been times in my life when I thought he was never going to show up, but after a time, sometimes days...sometimes weeks...sometimes years...He always shows up. My assignment is to have faith in God and his perfect timing. He's never early, but he's never late. He will be right on time, everytime. 

January 13, 2018  Happy New Year! This is your year for your miracle. Stand still and watch for God to begin moving in your situation. Continue to pray and stay in faith. We have just begun our church-wide fast for 21 days, and I can not wait to see how God is going to move in all of our lives. In Matthew 6 Jesus says when you give, when you pray, and when you fast, Notice he does not say "if" you fast. There are blessings that come when the believer gives, prays and fasts. Some are doing a week of no bread, a week of no meats and a week of no sweets. Just do whatever the Lord directs you to do and be patient and allow God time to work in your situation. Be sure to let us know how God moves for you this year.  

August, 2017 There's still time for a miracle. Don't lose heart now. You have come through too many trials, battles, and storms to just give up now! Keep trusting God. TODAY could be the day God moves on your behalf and grants your heart's desire. Every prayer shall be answered and every need shall be supplied. "Don't grow weary in well doing, for in due season, ye shall reap if you faint not!" Galatians 6:9

 March 6, 2017   At our traditional service I have been ministering on what the word says about Holy living and how God expects us to live holy. At our contemporary serive we have been learning about praying the Lord's prayer and particularly the Thy Will Be Done part. On Wednesday nights we are doing a study entitled "Survival Guide for All Chrsitians".  We are discussing what God has given us to help us live a victorious life. God has an awesome plan for our lives! I want to encourage you to stay the course and see what great and awesome things God has in store for all of us. Now  is not the time to quit. Stay with God and you will see the hand of God and the blessings of a God in your life. 

February 13, 2017  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  A day when we remind those we love how much they mean to us. In the same way, God showed us how much he loved us by sending his Son to die on the cross for our sins. John 3:16 tells us that God so love the world that He gave his only begottem Son! The word also tells us we will never find a greater love than God's love. Jeremiah 33 says that he loves us with an everlasting love. Be secure today in knowing that God loves you. You are special to him. He cares about what you are going through, and He hears you when you pray.  He promised to NEVER leave you or forsake you. That's how much he loves us!

February 1, 2017 We have started a bible study on Wednesday nights called "Survival Guide for Christians." Come join us. We are learning how to live a victorious christian life. It begins at 7:00pm.

Happy New Year 2017! How did we get here so fast? It is hard to believe 2016 is over! But the good news is it is time for a new beginning and a fresh start. It's time to fast and pray and seek the Lord's direction for this new year.  Time to let go of all the hurts and disappointments of 2016 and start over.  NOW is the time to live for God like never before. This year is the time to commit ourselves and submit our ways to God. This is the year to delight ourselves in the Lord. I love what the psalmist said ..."I was glad when they said unto me, Let  us go into the house of the Lord!"  If you are ready to believe it and receive it, God has something special planned for you and your family this year. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!  I can't wait to hear your praise reports!

September 27, 2016  PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! This past Sunday night we had a special prayer service for all those who are sick in our church and community. We also felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for our NATION! Let's continue to prayer for REVIVAL in America and especially in our churches. We need God now more than ever, and I want to encourage all of you to pray like never before. We need a real move of God in this county and country. We need to share the good news of Jesus Christ more fervently than any generation that has preceded us! If we have ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need Him NOW! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!


September 5, 2016  What a mighty move of God yesterday at both services! The presence of the Lord has been so real these past few months. If you have questions about your problems in life or about your particular situation, God has all the answers. And you will find Him here at ACWC! To me, ACWC is the BEST church on the planet! We have folks who love God with all their hearts and who love each other. You will find help, hope, healing, and restortation here. Today as I celebrate my birthday, I thank God for my family, my church, and for all His blessings! I owe it all to Him! He truly is the best! Come join us when you can. Supernatural blessings are headed your way today in Jesus name!  Pastor C


July 15, 2016 God is on the move. Keep trusting Him. He has perfect timing! You are being set up for a turnaround in your life! Believe me, I know it is hard waiting BUT His word confirms you shall reap if you don't give up! 

July 1, 2016 Summer is here! Finally!   Ecc. 3 says that there is a season for everything in our lives. So if you are in a bad season right now, HOLD ON! Your season will change. Just like God changes spring into summer, God is getting ready at the right moment to change your season too. What the enemy meant for evil, God is getting ready to turn it into good. And rest assured God has enough GRACE to get you to the next season in your life. In our traditional service we call New Beginnings, we have been talking for weeks on how there is a purpose for everything God does or allows in our lives. (Ecc.3:1) Once His purpose has been fulfilled, the season will change and a turn-around is bound to happen! Hallelujah!  In our second service we call Celebration, we have been celebrating the GRACE of God. Thank God His grace is SUFFICIENT (enough to see us through all the tests and storms in life).  2 Corinthians 12:9  Always remember His promise to not put on us or allow us to go through more than we can handle  (1 Corinthians 10:13).  And while we are going through it, there is enough of God's GRACE to see us to the other side where the victory is!  Get ready for a new season. Victory is going to be SWEET!



February 23, 2016  I know you are feeling like givng up, but hold on child of God. God is not finished with the work He has begun in you and your famiy or in your situation. It is NOT over until God says it's over! And it is not over until God  has done everything He has promised. Do not believe or give in to the lies the devil has set for you. Do not listen to his lies. God is faithful. There is nothing too hard for our God to do! No situation or devil can stop God from performing and bringing to pass His promises in our lives. I sense some of you have been waiting a long time, but know one second God can change everything and turn that thing around. Remember that the bible clearly says what the enemy meant for evil God will turn it around for our good. Romans tells us that all things are working together for our good, so get ready! Things are about to turn around for our good. He is getting ready to turn our mourning (tears) into dancing! "Weeping may endure for the night but JOY cometh in the morning! I am ready!   Are you?  


January 27, 2016    We are soon coming to an end of our church-wide 21 day  prayer and fasting time.  For the last 18 days we have seen and heard of God doing some awesome things in people's lives.  AND TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  God is looking for some RADICAL BELIEVERS who will not stop praying and believing until the answer comes. Whether it is physical or emotional healing or seeing a lost family member saved or maybe a turnaround in finances or family situation, DON'T GIVE UP! You know you are close to a breakthrough when the devil is all over your back with worry, fear and doubt. KEEP TRUSTING GOD! You are closer to your miracle than ever before! TODAY COULD BE THE DAY THAT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR COMES TO PASS! For more on RADICAL FAITH, come join us this Sunday. and listen this Sunday to 580wksk on the am dial or 93.5 on the fm dial or on the internet from 9:35-10:00am. Like our facebook page for daily inspirational messages at ashe county worship center. Keep watching for God to show up and show off TODAY in your life! 


January 7, 2016 Happy New Year! Watch for God! We are sitting on the edge of our seats watching for God to move in our sitution with expectancy and anticipation that at any moment now He is going to show up and show off.  2015 was a rough year for some of us, but this year we are expecting huge favor and blessings from our God! This is the year of Jubliee! Get ready to shout, run, dance before the Lord, because this is the year God is going to pour out His blessings upon those who are seeking Him and trusting Him to do exactly what He has promised! This Sunday we begin a season of fasting and praying. Will you join us?  From Jan. 10 - 30 we will be seeking God for more of His presence, for clarity, wisdom, and direction. We will be anticipating Him to move in our situations like never before.  Remember the bible says only certain things in our lives come when we fast and pray. Join us and watch God move in our lives. God is moving in our Wed. night services too. The kids and youth have an awesome time together and the adults are going deeper in the word through a bible study called "Prayers that Break Through".   If you have never been to the worship center, come join us Wed. night or Sunday morning at 10:30am  Until then, keep watching for God!


December 9,  2015 Don't give up!  You may be believing God for something in your life and feel He isn't going to answer, but keep believing! God is going to answer.  You may be the only one still believing. Everyone else may have given up. But you know God is going to move. Keep standing on His word. Keep trusting His promises.  We have situations in our own lives right now that in the natural look impossible....BUT we are holding on with EVERYTHING we got to the promises of God that "With God all things are possible."  That means it is never too late or too hard for God to show up and move on our behalf. He is fighting our battles. We are NOT GIVING UP until God answers. Don't you either!

 November. 30, 2015  God is moving at The Worship Center like never before. His presence is overwhelming at times. There is a tsunami of His glory coming and all we see and feel his anointing unlike anything they have ever experienced.  If you need a word from the Lord or if you need prayer, come join us this week. God is doing some awesome things here at both of our services. If you have never been here before, come try out the 10:30am traditional service. You will experience His presence in a mighty way. 

Recently, we had an appreciation service for all of our church officers and leaders. Again, Miss Susie and I want to say how thankful we are to have such an anointed group of people to work along side us! They are gifted and talented, and we are so blessed to have them at The Worship Center.

During this Thanksgiving season, I want to say how thankful I am for my family. God has blessed me beyond measure. My wife, Susan, stands along side me and encourages me and prays for me and loves me. She is such a powerful woman of God. She pours her heart out every Sunday in worship and throughout the week praying for the needs of the people at the church. Our son, Will, is a HUGE blessing to us! He just turned 13. We thank God for him every day. God always knows exactly what we need. We are blessed to have my parents and my mother-in-law still able to come to church every week and worship with us. And the story is not over..more great and awesome blessings lie ahead for the Call family.   

November 4, 2015  When folks come to The Worship Center, they notice right away that there is something uniquely and wonderfully different here.  And this past Sunday's service was no exception. If you missed it, you missed our God moving in the house in a powerful way. Many were blessed and healed in the presence of the Lord. There is just something special about getting together with a group of believers who are hungry and thirsty for God and want to see Him show up and show off.  Last night we had our first miracle, healing and deliverance service. Folks came with an expecrtation that God was going to show up. And did He ever! Nobody left disappointed. God moved on everyone there. We have also seen a tremendous increase in our Wed. night bible study and youth programs. God is taking us deeper into His word and revealing himself like never before. It is amazing to go to a church where not only do we hear the word but there is also a demonstrartion of the word. It is great to hear about God healing folks, but there is nothing like God showing up and healing folks right before our very eyes. Come see for yourself what God is doing here at ACWC. Come experience the presence of the Lord this week. 


October 16, 2015   The leaves are changing. The air is changing.  Fall is finally here. Are you ready for a change in your life? Are you ready for a new season? God is pouring out His Spirit on the earth. REVIVAL is in the air. Hold on to everything God has promised you! He will do exactly what He has said He will do. He is the God that can not fail! Thiis is only a test. Don't be intimidated by the lies of the enemy. He may be telling you it is not going to happen, but if Goid said it, He WILL do it.  Get ready!   


October 13, 2015 Don't give up! The enemy may be tempting you to give up on waiting for God to show up, but sometimes we must wait and trust God with all our hearts. That means we stick with it. We keep believing God even when we don't see or feel anything. It is not going to be easy, but the reward will be such a blessing. You will not remember how long you waited. When God shows up you will realize it was worth the wait! STAY IN FAITH!


September 8, 2015  Where has thie summer gone? It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas. Wow! Time iis flying by. If you are believing God for a miracle and you have done everything His word requires, (fasting, praying, giving,) then God says it is time to sit down and watch Him work it out But not just anh seat...a front row seat so you don't miss what God is about to do in your life situation. If you sit in the back, you will get distracted by what you see. But sit up front so you have a front row seat (the best in the house) to see how God is going to come through for you. This is the same thing He told Moses when Pharoah's army was behind and the Red Sea in front. He told them to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord! In other word's, don't move, you have done all you need to do. Now get out of my way and let me do my thing, says the Lord! Can't wait to see how it turns out!